final products

The students produced after one month of workshop the following 4 pieces.

Table #1: We are moments (Somos Instantes)

cm L 160 x D 66 x H 77 | pine wood, quarry stone, glass, old drawer from a bed, paper fiber, old wood, frame, digital screen with video file of 2′ in loop, speaker with audio file of 5’30” in loop

Table #2: San Wicha

cm L 160 x H 77 x D 65 | pine wood, mahogany wood, antique stool of mesquite wood, handmade glass, digital video screen of 7” with video file of 2’10” in loop

Projection #1: Prologue

wood screen of cm L 83 x H 160 x D 3 and wood bench of cm L 99 x D 29 x H 49 | pine wood, video projector, DVD player, DVD video of 1’30” in loop with no sound

Projection #2: A loving home (Calor de hogar)

about cm L 150 x H 160 x D 7 | reused wood, series of 18 photographs and projector

Descriptions of the final pieces:

The table #1 “We are moments” talks about passage of time and memories that materials are able to evoke. The table is entirely hand-made constructed with pine wood from Durango. The form of the table legs dialogue esthetically with famous furniture styles from King Louis XV from France which styles were the inspiring research for the students. The working group #1 created personal memories and stories through the use of objects and materials coming from their city, San Luis Potosí, like the insertion of an old wood drawer from a Mexican bed and a little wood frame for pictures, but also a little quarry stone used normally in architecture. The wood frame in front of the table frame is kind of an entrance to an acoustic cave where a little speaker is hidden and sounds made with instruments of wood similar to rain and nature come out. The students mentioned the traffic chaos in the city but also the silence when rain is coming. Strong rain often changes the atmosphere in the city which seems never enough prepared. Through the glass on the tabletop paper fibers can be seen but also the inside of the drawer which reveals on a digital frame an entirely hand-made stop-motion video showing pictures of the family members of the group and the writing “El tiempo non se detiene” (Time won’t stop) through the use of little colored stones. [> listen to the audio extract]

The table #2 “San Wicha” is entirely hand-made constructed with pine wood from Durango and talks about the intangible heritage stepped in our lives through materials, textures, colors and shapes that citizens share living in the same state, in San Luis Potosí. This discourse is put into practice through the use of classic furniture styles taken from the aesthetic of the french Kings Louis dynasty, similar forms in relation with Mexican traditions, which can be found in the table legs that remind in its form a deer, and the use of antique handcrafted techniques of construction. As materials define symbolic roots and identity, which are the proud of peoples, customs are translated into insertion of antique objects and into scenarios in digital media. Hence, an old stool of mesquite wood from a family member of the working group #2 is inserted in the tabletop; a wood, which is now in danger of extinction in Mexico and therefore protected. Finally, a digital screen in the little drawer shows through an hand-made glass a video story made of traditional daily life objects and typical fabrics, which the students like to remember, but in their own personal way. [> watch video of table #2]

The projection #1 “Prologue” is a piece that reflects about the moments registered on paper. Beyond being part of our roots it is an introduction in our being and essence of present. The set consists of a wooden bench that plays the role of the spectator who understands the past, a wooden screen that evokes the memory through a video projection, images that show the historical archive of newspapers and old official documents of the city San Luis Potosí.

The projection #2 “A loving home” projects 18 images on a screen made of reused wood and is dedicated to those people whose home is the city because of destiny or by accident which they share with everyone. Without time and space restrictions they open their doors to those who decide to visit their home. They are the characters who say something about our present history, which is not written in books. Their way of looking full of contrasts and contradictions define us, too… what we are, Potosinos.

Participants/creators of the pieces are the following Industrial Design students from the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí in Mexico:

working group #1:

Fausto Abraham Flores Pérez, Giovanni de Jesus Reyes Mendez, Cesar Robledo Orlando Cuevas, Davalos Edgardo Vazquez, Miguel Angel Ojeda Higuera, Laura Colunga Amairani Cortes, Colorado Livier Alejandra Moreno, Alejandra Martínez Rodríguez, Michel Alexa Montalvo

working group #2:

Dara Pérez Fernández, Pastora Villalobos Romero, Hugo Oscar Torres Ojeda, Elizabeth Gonzalez Guerrero, Gerardo Martínez de Loera, Erick Castillo Pedro Lopez, Luis Enrique Martínez Cano, Jose Roberto Moreno Suarez, Indalecio Gaytan Sanchez, Ivan Garcia Jesus Urbiola

For more info or any request please contact:

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