weekly diary #4

The fourth week was very intense for everybody. Between rain and sun, winter and summer seasons and this all in just one week, we had an interesting radio interview and spent a lot of time on the campus. The students delivered finally their semester exams and homeworks, which made it possible to concentrate well on the last days of the workshop.

Construction and narration continued in a parallel way… Details in wood construction were taught like inserting stones, glass or old and handmade, so uneven, objects in the tables. Stability needed to be checked again and aesthetic details were deepened. More furniture pieces and supports for image projections were built. The digital narration went into detail, too, through more stop-motion and more video editing. Rhythm and writings were considered in order to communicate in a clear narrating structure but also aesthetic changes were made through transperencies and color adjustments in post-production.

The final works were installed in the Black Box of the University Center of Arts where lights, screens, sound and space needed to be considered. For concluding the working process, also mentally, the students were asked to write about the pieces they have done. Hence, titles and detailed descriptions accompanied the final exhibition, which opened Friday, the 29th of November.