Artist-in-Residence | São Paulo/Brazil [2016]


3 months Artist-in-Residence program with final event

Hillsideout @ Gallery Firma Casa São Paulo 

when: 15 July – 15 October 2016 

organized and produced by: Gallery Firma Casa in São Paulo, Brazil 

production venue: carpenter workshop in Vila Madalena / São Paulo

final exhibition: 20 October – 26 November 2016 at the gallery Firma Casa | Al. Gabriel Monteiro Da Silva, 1487 São Paulo / SP, Brazil


The gallery Firma Casa in São Paulo invited us to produce furniture pieces in Brazil in order to exhibit them in a final event planned for mid October 2016. The Artist-in-Residence program lasts three months which gives us time on one hand to produce the pieces and on the other hand to research artistically the city São Paulo and its historical as well as natural environment.

The variety of Brazilian woods and our visual impressions in form of photography will be a significant part in the local furniture production which takes place in a typical carpenter workshop situated in the young and creative district of Vila Madalena.